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Zacks APIs Available Through Quandl.com

Zacks has partnered with Quandl.com to provide our data via APIs that are really simple to use in a self-service format. If you want to pull Zacks data into your website or mobile app without having to maintain you own database structure, or if you want to get access to our data for your own personal tradng application, this is the way to go. Through Quandl, you can set up an account, enter your credit card information and get immediate access to the data. No sales people to negotiate with, no long time commitments or contracts to sign. You can even test our data for free before you pay. Just go to Quandl.com and sign up for a free account, then click here to get access to Zacks data!

Zacks Insider Score

Zacks has been collecting information on insider stock transactions since mid 2007. In order to predict which stocks are likely to outperform the market, we have developed a scoring system that is based on our collection of insider transaction information.


Since insiders tend to know what’s going on before the press does, traders watch for clusters of insider buying and selling activity to get a jump on potential market moving developments in the pipeline.


Zacks analysts have identified fourteen factors related to open market transactions, both buys and sells, which have taken place over the most recent one to six months, which can be used to predict returns over the next three to six months. The factors relate to agreement in terms of the number of buy versus sell transactions, magnitude in terms of the total change in insider holdings, and transaction size.


In recent testing, we've been able to achieve annualized portfolio returns as high as 48.84%. To see more details on the Zacks Insider Score, click here.