Zacks Investment Research - Predictive Data for Equity Investors

Zacks Investment Research is a multinational firm, based in Chicago, with over 30 years of experience in providing institutional and individual investors with the analytical tools and financial information necessary to the success of their investment process. Zacks employs over 250 professionals between our Chicago headquarters and offices overseas.


Zacks provides extensive data sets giving you access to over 30 years of data history on over 16,000 active and inactive US and Canadian equities. Zacks data is accessible through raw data feeds as both history files and updates.


Zacks provides financial web site and application developers with the ability to offer their users a complete US equity research experience. We can provide data and research tools in a variety of ways, including flat files via FTP, XML or JSON format via APIs, or fully developed HTML hosted web pages. With our extensive web programming and internet marketing experience developed through our retail investing website,, Zacks can provide a wide variety of financial content solutions for your equity research platform to maximize investment returns for your clients, or for your website to build and retain viewer traffic and drive profitability.


We offer our raw data and hosted pages to platform developers and websites using a range of revenue models, such as fixed fees per month, traffic referrals to our retail website, or subscription revenue sharing.