Zacks Splits, Dividends and Corporate Actions Data

At Zacks, we track stock splits, stock dividends, cash dividend payments, and a few other corporate events such as company name changes, ticker symbol changes, new exchange listings and de-listings, and fiscal year-end changes on a daily basis.


For each stock ticker, we maintain a current split factor. In the event of a stock split, the split factor is the ratio of the number of total shares outstanding after the split divided by the number of shares outstanding prior to the split. The pre-split shares outstanding would be multiplied by the split factor to arrive at the post-split number of shares outstanding. For per share figures, such as earnings per share, the pre-split figure would be divided by the split factor to calculate the post-split figure.


To forecast future regular dividend payments, Zacks calculates the Indicated Annual Dividend (IAD). For most companies, the IAD is equal to the sum of the dividends per share paid over the last twelve months. An algorithm is applied to take into account any recent announcements indicating a change in the amount of dividends to be paid going forward.




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