Zacks Insider Transaction Data

Zacks can provide historical transaction details for over 9,700 active and inactive US traded stocks, and open market transactions summary data for about 3,600 US traded stocks, beginning in mid-2007. The detail data lists all transactions by each insider over time. The summary data adds up the total number of transactions within a given time frame.


Four Insider Data files are available from Zacks:


ZIT1 Summary File 1 – contains data items for the number of insider transactions, shares bought/sold by insiders, and percentage change in shares held by insiders over the last 4, 12 and 24 weeks.


ZIT2 Summary File 2 – contains data items for the number and value of transactions by officers, directors and both officers plus directors over the last day, week, and month.


ZIT3 Detail File – contains historical details for each transaction including the filing date, transaction date, filing URL at, identity of reporting officer and title, # of shares traded, value of shares traded, transaction price per share, etc.


ZIT3F Filtered Detail File - contains the same data as the ZIT3 file above, except that this file is filtered to contain only open market buy and sell transactions. Open market transactions are those transactions conducted spontaneously and willfully by company insiders and not part of any pre-planned trading program or employee compensation plan. It is the open market transactions that investors follow most closely as they contain more information about insider sentiments.


ZIT4 Zacks Insider Rank File – contains the latest Insider Rank along with Zacks Sector and Industry classification

The insider data can be delivered in flat data files as outline above via FTP. Or we can deliver it via API in XML or JSON format.


Zacks Insider Transaction Data Overview Document
Click below to download an overview PDF document with a more detailed description of the Zacks Insider Data files available.
Zacks Insider Transaction Data.pdf
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