Zacks Editorial Articles and Videos produces several types of commentary and trading recommendations as well as interactive tools that finance oriented websites can use to increase traffic, drive more repeat visits, and generate additional revenue. These commentaries and tools are listed as follows:


Daily Investment Commentary: We have a dedicated staff of over 50 writers and equity analysts who comment on the market and provide timely stock recommendations. These articles provide fresh “trading ideas” to your audience that will certainly increase repeat visits as users come back for the latest news on investment opportunities. Here are some of most popular commentaries (all can be found on our home page at


  • Featured Stories: Our editor’s picks of the top stories of the day.
  • Four Stocks of the Day: We highlight four stocks each day based upon our Zacks Ranking stock selection system. We also break them down by investment style: Value, Aggressive Growth, Growth & Income and Momentum.
  • Analyst’s Blog: Our team of stock analysts provides a timely stream of market commentary and stock recommendations throughout the day.
  • Industry Outlook: Find the best industries and the best stocks within those industries with this unique commentary feature .
  • Video Commentary: Our analyst team produces daily videos about our stock picks, recent events and observations, and a wealth of investment education topics. We can put our video commentaries on your firm’s site. Our video content can be viewed at or at the Video Samples link at the top left of this page.


All commentary available from can be viewed at, or you can view samples at the Article Samples link at the top left of this page.


Stock Recommendations – Zacks Rank: We can provide a free feed of our proprietary stock ranking system that covers 4,400 stocks. Since 1988 our Strong Buy stocks have produced an average annual return of 27%. To learn more about the Zacks Rank, click here.


Mutual Fund Recommendations – Zacks Mutual Fund Rank: This is our newest feature that will rate the future potential of all mutual funds. We cover over 18,000 MF’s and will shortly be adding ETF’s to this ranking system. to learn more about the Zacks Mutual Fund rank, click here.